Marple AI (GPT)

GPT powered insights into your data

Enable MarpleGPT

Before getting started, you need to enable Marple's AI features for your workspace. Go to settings -> license. The setting can only be changed by admins.

This feature is powered by ChatGPT. Note that Marple will only send signal names and the question entered by the user to OpenAI, never your data itself, and only as far as necessary for the functioning of Marple AI.

Enabling this makes MarpleGPT available for everyone in your workspace.

Got enough of the MarpleGPT for a while? You can disable the input fields in your own user settings (settings -> account).

Generate plots

Add a new time series plot and ask a question. Relevant signals in your data that match this question will be added to your plot!

Generate SQL queries

When you are analyzing your data, let MarpleGPT assist you in building SQL queries to get more in-depth insights into your data. Each question results in a new SQL query. Adapt the query more to your own needs, or ask a new question!

Note that this feature is only available when the SQL editor is part of your license. More info about the SQL editor can be found here.

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