Upload Data

Getting your data into Marple

You can upload your data via the Marple app, or by using the API.

Upload via the library

There are two ways to upload data in the library tab. Open your file explorer using the upload data button, or just drag and drop a file in the file list.

Import preview

After uploading, a preview modal will open where you can change the import settings and view a preview of your data.

  1. Select the data type (Marple tries to detect this automatically, sometimes you have to set it manually.

  2. Change your specific import settings.

  3. Select the signal that must be used as time signal.

  4. Save the config as default to reuse it for your next imports.

  5. Confirm, and let the import begin.

Auto-import uploaded files

As soon as you have finalized the import settings, you can enable auto import when uploading a file. You won't have to wait for the preview anymore, your data will be imported automatically.

Upload via API

Ideally, you want to automatically upload the data from your test or simulation. This is easily possible using our API.

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