Connecting to the API using an access token


The API is hosted at on the Marple cloud, or .../api/v1 on your self-managed server. All API endpoints are relative to this URL. E.g. the /version endpoint should be called as Always make sure that you use https for secure communication.

Access Token

Authentication is done by passing an access token in the Authorization header in Bearer token format:

Authorization: Bearer <access-token>

Generate and manage your Marple API tokens in the Marple settings tab: Settings > Tokens. Create a new token with the desired expiry date and user role (editor/admin). Tokens are only ever shown once, so keep them secure after generation.

These requests may be done in any language, but the easiest way to use the Marple API is through our Python SDK.

Administrator Privileges

Some endpoints require administrator privileges. Admin authorization is associated with the account that generated the access token. Admin access can be granted by administrators of the workspace in the 'Team' tab of the workspace settings.

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