Customize Marple to your liking

To customize your user settings, go to settings -> account.

  • Dark mode: toggle between light mode and dark mode

  • Show MarpleGPT input fields: enable the input fields for AI questions in the SQL editor and visualization view

  • Plots: Autofit Y by default: new plots will have auto-fit y-zooming enabled by default

  • Signals: Sort alphabetically: by default, Marple sorts signals in the order of the original data set. This option enables the user to sort alphabetically.

  • Signals: Show units: if the signals in your data have units, this setting shows/hides the units in the visualization view in all plots

  • Signals: Group by separator: detect groups in signals automatically and group the signals in the signal list. Chose the fitting group separator to use for group detection.

  • Resolution: change the plot resolution for the time series plot. A higher resolution will give more precision but will come at the cost of performance.

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