Mouse & Keyboard

Mouse Actions

With the mouse, you can do most of the manipulations needed in the visualisation view.

  • [Left Click]: Set/move the cursor

  • [Right Click + Drag]: Select a time region to zoom in

  • [Right Click + Drag + CTRL]: Select a region to zoom in both axes

  • [Middle Button + Scroll]: Zoom on the time axis

  • [Middle Button + Scroll + CTRL]: Zoom on the y-axis

  • [Middle Button + Pan (left/right)]: Pan from left/right in time axis.


Marple can be used with the touchpad of a laptop.

In order to zoom in/out in time, you can slide up and down with two fingers on the touchpad. Move left and right to pan in time.

  • [2 Finger up/down]: Zoom in time

  • [2 Finger left right]: Pan in time (left/right)

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • [SPACE]: set a second cursor

  • [ESC]: remove second cursor

  • [CTRL + B]:

  • [CTRL + S]: Save project

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