Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marple actually?

Marple is a software platform that is specialised in the processing, visualisation and analysis of large time series data sets typically used in engineering and R&D. Think about visualising & analysing the data coming from your sensors, in a cloud platform!

When should I use Marple?

As an engineer or data scientist, when you are dealing with time series data sets coming from complex machines or systems. For example during the development of a new aircraft, or when testing the characteristics of an electric motor.

Can I try Marple?

Yes! You can create a free account and explore what Marple has to offer.

Is Marple free?

We have a free tier and a paid tier. If you are using Marple as an individual, Marple is free. For teams and advanced features check our pricing for more info!

How can I get my data in Marple?

Once you created an account you can simply drag & drop your data sets in the data library. Marple takes care of the rest. You can automate your data flow to Marple using the Python SDK or our API.

What data formats does Marple support?

Marple supports over 10 different file formats such as .CSV, .MAT, .MDF, ULOG, .. Check out our documentation to find out more.

Does Marple support data in databases?

Yes! Currently, we support time series data from an Influx database. Using the URL and an API token of your InfluxDB you can make a connection to your data in no time.

Can I deploy Marple on my own infrastructure?

Yes! We have both a cloud offering as well as a self-managed offering using Docker. Get in touch with us about our self-managed solution and we’re happy to set you on our way.

Is my data safe on Marple?

Yes, absolutely! No one apart from you and your team members can access your data. Marple is hosted on AWS and is regulary checked by ethical hackers.

Can add other users to my workspace?

Yes, Marple works best in a team! Once you created a workspace, you can invite other team members via their email or even create an invite link. They will be able to see all data uploaded as well as all the projects.

Does Marple use AI?

We are experimenting with AI functionality. We currently use AI to make automatic visualisations based on input of the user. Next to that users can ask questions about their data using GPT technology. We continue to look for possibilities to implement AI to make data analysis even more powerful!

Who uses Marple?

Marple is very popular in automotive, aerospace, energy and manufacturing companies. It is mostly used by engineers and data scientists.

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