What is Marple?

A quick tour to see and understand Marple

What is Marple?

Marple is a web-based time series data analysis platform specialising in test- and measurement data.

We believe that in order to understand your data properly, you need to be able to play with it... and that is precisely what Marple does!

Marple allows a team of engineers or scientists to visualize their data interactively. Marple is web-based, so there is no need to install any clunky programs or download large data sets. Just log in and see your data right away!

When to use Marple?

Marple is the ultimate solution for streamlined data analysis. Specifically designed for scientists and engineers, it excels with test and measurement data, making it a must-have tool for anyone dealing with sensor data generated during tests or simulations.

Why choose Marple? It simplifies the cumbersome process of data analysis, saving you from manual scripting and data hunting. With Marple, you'll effortlessly manage your measurement data in formats like CSV, MAT, ULOG, and more.

Whether you're developing drones, cars, airplanes, robots, or any cutting-edge technology, Marple is your go-to tool for accelerating projects and gaining valuable insights.

Why Marple exists

There are plenty of tools for making dashboards, there are plenty of business intelligence tools, and there are plenty of plotting libraries ... but there are barely any tools for time series data analysis in the engineering world!

Right now engineers and scientists are writing their own complicated analysis scripts in MATLAB or Python. Scripts that are able to load some data, read a few signals, and make a bunch of plots. But these scripts are fragile and cumbersome to work with, and every change usually requires a re-run of the script. Does this sound familiar? Try Marple today and see how much easier and efficient your workflow becomes!

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