Share Marple plots with everyone

End the reign of the screenshot! By using the sharing link you can share the visualization you have in front of you. There are two ways to share your link:

  • public

  • protected

To create a sharing link, click on the share button at the top left of the visualization tab.

A protected sharing link is meant for sharing your current visualization view with colleagues that are part of the same workspace as you. People from your workspace can start scrolling and adding new signals as much as they want! This link won't be accessible by anyone outside of your workspace.

A public sharing link can be used to share your visualization view with people outside of your workspace, or even without a Marple account.

They will get a limited view of your current data. Someone viewing a public sharing link will have a few restrictions:

  • Only the current tab will be visible

  • Possible to zoom and add a cursor

  • Cannot add other signals or view the signals in your project

  • Cannot add/change plots

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